Delta Nove

GENRE: Dance, Experimental, Funk, Jam, Jazz, Latin, Reggae, Rock, World
Delta Nove Bio:
Born in a garage in Long Beach, California, Delta Nove has put in some serious work
since their first independent release in 1998, leaving a trail of deep funk, thunderous
Brazilian drums, greasy horns, and psychedelic exploration wherever they go.
After over 1000 shows and years of national tours, 8 independent releases and years of
musical evolution, the band has truly developed into a powerhouse of sound and rhythm.
Woven together with deep pocket drums, super funky guitar, chest thumping bass,
powerful horns, cosmic keyboards, thick vocals, and always a massive amount of
percussion, Delta Nove fans often call the sound of the band ‘world funk,’ a mixture of a
psychedelic funk rock concert, Brazilian Carnaval, and Mardi Gras; or as a fan once said,
“it’s like Funkadelic got lost in the Amazon jungle.” Funk, rock, samba, afrobeat, reggae,
jazz, electronic escapades; these are all ingredients in the D No sound.
Delta Nove has been playing amazing shows year after year and is helping to define the
sound of California music and culture, as well as international cross-cultural
pollination. Currently writing and recording new music as well as playing shows, there is
more D No coming your way
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BOOKING PHONE: (562)547-1158