Dennis M Lockett

GENRE: Blues, Country, Folk, Instrumental, R&B, Reggae, Rock, Singer Songwriter

Dennis was born in Rock Island Illinois. He started playing guitar around age 11. He was lucky enough to spend several years playing many styles of music including R&B, Rock, and the blues with some of the areas most talented musicians before moving to California around age 20. In California he continued performing the music he was accustomed to playing as well as learning Reggae, and Soca while playing in a band from Trinidad. The many influences of music he has performed in clubs over the years directly influence the musical styles of his original music. Sighting Gil Scott-Heron, Billy Cobham, Victor Wooten, Stevie Wonder, Little Feat, Johnny Winter, Ivan Neville Narada Michael Walden and Paul Thorn as well as 100s of others in influencing his style he is quite comfortable in many genres. Preferring not to be forced to put music into little boxes his categories for music are “music I care for now and music I do care for now” because as he continues to learn new skills the earlier category keeps growing while the later is diminishing.

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BOOKING PHONE: 562-715-6717