Jelly of the Month Club

GENRE: Americana, Childrens

Jelly of the Month Club does not “baby down” their music – instead, they want kids to get down to their music. The pedigree of the band boasts accomplished singers, songwriters and musicians from some of the top musical acts to come out of Southern California, including Sublime and the Ziggens. This is a fun family band and club that inspires ages 1-100 to celebrate timeless American musical traditions with jaw-dropping live shows that are entertaining, interactive and educational.

Jelly has won-over fans from hospital rooms to the House of Blues. Highlights include performing for patients at children’s hospitals, winning “Best in Show” for two holiday city-wide parades, having their songs “Brand New Friend”, “English Language”, “Lemonade Standoff” and “Gone Squatchin'” debut on Kids Place Live XM radio, visiting dozens of schools for their classroom music series, giving blacktop concerts for school carnivals, raising money for an inner-city after school music education program, and packing the Anaheim House of Blues with over 500 screaming kids on NFL Championship Sunday.

Members of Jelly of the Month Club are rock monsters that hail from a deep musical forest and are: Marshall Goodman (aka Ras MG of Sublime), Dr. Todd Forman (horns and keys for Sublime and Sublime with Rome), Bert Susanka (lead singer for The Ziggens), Michael De La Torre (lead singer and guitarist for the funk rock band Zen Robbi); and Chris Caplan (lead singer, guitarist and multi-instrumentalist for his own alternative rock group, Mr. Crumb). We add three more professional Jelly members for our live shows, including Justin Ianelli on bass, Jamie Bullock on keys, and Rob Perez on everything.

Like Bugs Bunny and the Muppet Show, Jelly of the Month Club follows highbrow musical choices using a multiplicity of genres. The creators of Bugs and the Muppets focused on quality and their genius productions used the same rule of thumb that most adult artists use when creating music — “if I love it then, it’s good enough for others to hear too.” Jelly did their best to maintain that ethos for this record.

“Introducing, Jelly of the Month Club” is a wildly entertaining and eclectic mix of rich genres aimed to inspire the creative tastes of children. This debut album is classy, smart, educational, and stimulating children’s music. The band challenges developing minds to absorb a diversity of musical instrumentation, melody, and style while digesting taciturn and humorous stories, educational messages, and strong universal values.

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