Keys To The City

GENRE: Metal, Pop, Punk, Rock, World

We are a post-hardcore/metalcore band from Long Beach. Every member comes from different backgrounds of music but we all have a love for catchy choruses, riffs and heavy breakdowns. We are a hardworking band. We love playing as many shows as we can; as many as six in a month. We put a lot of hours into practice. We want to take this as far as we can. We love giving our fans a great time by putting on entertaining performances along with great music. We are a close group of friends whom believe in ourselves and support each other in every way; inside and outside the band. We have a combination of veteran bands like Silverstein, A Day To Remember and August Burns Red with a mix of new bands like Hands like Houses, La Dispute and Issues.

Our uniqueness is quickly noticed within the members of our band, by having six members; a female clean singer sharing the stage with a male singer as well.

Check us out! You won’t be disappointed 🙂


BOOKING EMAIL: [email protected]
BOOKING PHONE: 1(310) 667-0697