LaToya Blayz

GENRE: Jazz, R&B, Rap, Singer Songwriter, Soul, World

LaToya Blayz has released her 1st long awaited album “Everywhere” (she refers to as a “mix tape” due to the mixture). “It was always easy to create sound, write songs, sing and rap but finding comfort in being naturally talented was uneasy”. The rap and soul album “Everywhere” is distinguished by both complexity of character, unusual range and depth of LaToya Blayz and her music.

Born in Chicago, raised in Southern California & partially raised in Oklahoma, it was in these hometowns she developed musical tastes and interests. Once her family moved to Cali she constantly performed in a variety of shows. Her father a military man received orders to Lawton where she would rap in competitions for the local radio station, high school and write songs for church.

She entered the Air Force and in her spare time performed in local clubs in Europe. As her confidence grew, her style developed. Blayz attended Compton College and began to learn about music as business. Her following begin to grow touring with Vic Camp ENT.

She wrote and co-produced her album with several producers. In “Everywhere” she embodies thought revealing lyrics, unforgetable hooks, revelling and relatable songs. Her ability to provide a combination of exciting rap rhymes and rich vocals, with elements of Rap, Soul, Jazz and World is a trademark she pioneered that everyone now emulates.

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