Tell me about the beginning of Spider?

We could create a romantic rock’n’roll myth and say we all met at juvenile hall sharing needles in the rec room or in art school firebombing the fascist philosophy students down the hall from our dorm or in the gutter from a three month homeless induced booze bender, but the true story is Spider started because we were just plain bored and looking to have fun, plus we were all good friends and were gonna be hanging out anyway.

The original Spider songs were a lot slower and melodic but evolved into the classic, nascent, existential tunes they are today replete with raw guitars, lo-fi bile simmer-before-the-explosion vocals and a rhythm section delivering with the velocity and energy of a full throttle jackhammer.

Spider delivers primal emotion tapping into punk’s original spirit and conviction. The songs are snapshots of life that cover everything from the bitter sweetness of wisdom gained, control lost, self-reflection and humor.

Anyway, the band evolved into the vitriolic fueled frenzy that it is today. Hopefully we’ll get some toe-tapping, slam dancers out there getting their cardio quota on or at least a chuckle from someone hanging out with us at the bar as we conjure up stupid inside jokes, plays on words and self-deprecation. As we say in practice, “C’mon guys, let’s get it together and try to have some fun here!” 

Favorite song?  We’ve got a new stripped down, rank, rough, rude, smutty, raw version of ‘New Junk’, called ‘New Junk II.’  Kinda our nod to ‪#‎BlackFlag. I like to think of it as our ‘No Values.’

For fans of music that’s occasionally dark, sometimes sleezy, sometimes angry, sometimes humorous and sometimes all of the above.  Check out Spider.

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press quotes

“Fuckin brilliant. This is the shit that I’m pushing all the time: fast, urgent, raw and disorderly. Pure punk rock. Spider merge the classic ’70s punk sound with an unruly hardcore tinge and it fuckin smokes. It’s so wild and so dominant yet it maintains a really, really raw edge and that’s everything I want out of punk rock. It’s insistent and confident and just gushing with genuine punk rock spirit. This is what it’s all about.” – NO FRONT TEETH ZINE

“A slight hint of the sleazier, faster side of The Stooges as heard on Raw Power lend considerable fuel to Spider’s musical drive.” – MODERN FIX MAGAZINE

Spider performed with power and conviction. Raw and ferocious…” FLIPSIDE MAGAZINE

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