The Junglecats

GENRE: Indie, Rock
The Jungecats are a highly developed original group, heavily influenced by 60’s rock, surf-pop, psych, and all forms of rock and roll. They are based out of Long Beach California and  have been together for nearly three years. Under their belt they have two full length albums (one of which is waiting to be released), many high quality full production music videos, a full merch selection including CDs, vinyls, and clothing, and a professionally designed website with all major social media sites which are actively maintained 7 days a week. They are on iTunes, Spotify, Pandora, you name it. 

After years of performing at many venues within reach of our home town and surrounding cities, we feel we have reached a point where we must press forward and reach bigger and more populated outlets to expand our following. We hope lbmusic will get new people to check out our website, music links, and videos and give us a shot at working together to achieve our next big step forward. 

BOOKING EMAIL: [email protected]
BOOKING PHONE: 6263530976